Patrick Stewart Face Palm Compilation

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Mortal Q (original facepalm)

How can Q prove to us that he is mortal? Worf has the answer.

Picard's Epic Double Facepalm

For those moments when one facepalm doesn't quite cut it...

Picard Facepalm Original

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Picard Facepalm

Star Trek The Next Generation Season 4 Episode 21 The Drumhead.


EDIT: To link others to 00:58, add #t=0m58s to the end of the URL. From "Naked Gun 33 1/3"

A Series of Face Palms - Star Trek TNG Compilation

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Picard Double Facepalm - 10 hours

When one facepalm isn't enough.

Picard's Epic Facepalm (Green Screen Footage)

Picard's Epic Facepalm (Green Screen Footage) Green Screen Footage. Made by me. Subscribe to my channel. Likecoin ...

Star Trek TNG Captain Picard Facepalm Bust - Exclusive from ThinkGeek

- Picard captured in his classic facepalm pose - Limited to an edition size of 1602 ...