Spike X Rarity (I'm Crazy In Love)

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Spike x Sweetie belle (I'm crazy in love)

This is my favorite ship, and I love to see Spike and Sweetie belle shipping.

Spike x Starlight glimmer (I'm crazy in love)

Enjoy with my video and this my idea to made this video And i hope everyone like it.

❤ Spike x Rarity ❤ loves

gosta do video pessoa mso sem esquesa de escrevesem no meu canal pessoa.

Spike x Rarity: Everything I do, I do it for you

I forgot how long this song is... heh. anyway, I felt it fitted these two, so why not? it was fun to make, I think this song is nice.

Spike x Rarity

Today's MLP ship it's is all about being charming and fashionable. Spike is a brave and the princess of friendships assistant who ...

Rarity & Spike Kissing You

First off, for those of you who don't know M

MLP Flash Comic Dub: Sensible Feelings (Romance - Sparity)

Spike conforms Rarity of saying that she is capable of loving, then things comes to a different direction ;) This is the first time I ...

Twilight x Trixie (I'm crazy in love)

enjoy with my video twilight x Trixie and Day eight this month is my birthday.

Mlp Spike the Dragon and Ponies Shipping (1K Subscribers)

This is my favorite digital art in "Deviantart" on I like it Watch Spike and Ponies shipping: Spike x Sweetie: ...

MLP (Spike x Rarity) - Say You'll Be Mine

WARNING: May contain flashing imagery. Theme song by Steps. I don't own ANYTHING, they belong to their right owners.

Especial de 145 subs spike x rarity

Espero que les guste este video a ti tambien rarity los quiero gracias xD.

Spike x Rarity

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